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Copyrighted Commercial Software for Architects and Builders

1.             Ogunsote, O. O. (1995). SAS: Students Affairs Secretary. Network based relational database package for distributed management of multiple schools with complex individualised programmes. Developed using FoxPro for Windows 95 platform on Novell and compatible networks. Employs Rushmore optimisation, object oriented programming and a graphical user interface to facilitate easy data management and reporting.

2.             Ogunsote, O. O. (1993). Iyanga: Fully scaleable Postscript Type I and TrueType soft fonts containing hundreds of typefaces in several weights and variations.

3.             Ogunsote, O. O. (1992). CivilPay: Spreadsheet based fully integrated payroll program designed for Civil Servants (Government establishments). Totally automated with data entry modules, data validation modules, comprehensive reports and autoformat features. Fully customisable.

4.             Ogunsote, O. O. (1989). Klimax: Performs Climatic Site Analysis for all State capitals and major towns in Nigeria. Contains long-term averages of climatic data for all State capitals. Fully expandable database and formatted reports.

5.             Ogunsote, O. O. (1989). FeeS: Calculates Consultancy fees payable to consultants in the construction industry in Nigeria. Produces reports formatted for immediate insertion in proposals and reports. Contains comprehensive help and full text of all relevant decrees and documents.

Major Educational Software Developed for Architecture and Building Studentsí Instruction.

1.             Ogunsote, O. O. (1989). S4S: Spreadsheet for Solar Shading.

2.             Ogunsote, O. O. (1988). CLICOMP: Spreadsheet for Assessment of Climatic Compatibility of Architectural Designs.

3.             Ogunsote, O. O. (1987). COLDHOT: Multi-index thermal stress analysis for Nigerian cities.

4.             Ogunsote, O. O. (1986). SHADE: Determines sun-shading periods for design of solar shading devices in Nigeria.

5.             Ogunsote, O. O. (1985). MOTOLA: A FORTRAN based computer program for determination of architectural and planning design recommendations based on the Mahoney tables.

6.             Ogunsote, O. O. (1985). CLIDATA: Database for climatic data.