1.1Commercial Software packages

We believe that a significant part of the future of Soft Designs lies in the development and marketing of commercial software packages. These are off-the-shelve shrink wrapped software packages that can be installed and used by the end user just like other standard packages such as Lotus 123 or WordPerfect. Soft Designs currently has the following packages.


Calculates consultancy fees payable to consultants in the construction industry in Nigeria. Produces reports formatted for immediate insertion in proposals and reports. Contains comprehensive help and full text of all relevant decrees and documents.


Performs climatic site analysis for all State capitals and major towns in Nigeria. Contains long term averages of climatic data for all State capitals. Fully expandable database and formatted reports.


Fully scalable Postscript Type I and Truetype soft fonts containing hundreds of typefaces in several weights and variations.


Spreadsheet based fully integrated payroll program designed for Civil Servants (Government establishments). Totally automated with data entry modules, data validation modules, comprehensive reports and autoformat features. Fully customisable.