We offer fully configured IBM compatible computers, Epson and Hewlett Packard printers, spare parts as well as computer consumables and accessories at very competitive prices. We have an agency in the supply of Mitac computers, Seagate hard disks and Epson printers and can therefore not only supply these products at very competitive prices but also provide effective after sales service and maintenance.


Our goods are grouped into the following categories:


          M      Computer systems

          M      Notebook computers and accessories

          M      Monitors, terminals and accessories

          M      Hard disks

          M      Floppy drives, streamers and CD-ROM drives

          M      Memory (RAM) upgrades and chips

          M      On-line and off-line UPS systems

          M      Printers

          M      Plotters

          M      Novell netware

          M      Multi-port kits

          M      Diskettes, tapes, ribbons and accessories

          M      Software

          M      In-house software packages

          M      Others


All computer equipment supplied (computer systems, printers, add-in cards, peripherals) come with a six month parts and labour warrantee. All faults due to manufacturing or incorrect installation will be rectified free of charge within the guarantee period. After the expiration of the guarantee period, annual maintenance agreements may be entered into for the maintenance of the system.