Soft Designs has two Executive Directors.

Director (Software): Professor Olu Ola Ogunsote was brought up on a 1972 Control Data mainframe, on which he used his mother tongue, FORTRAN to develop complex graphics routines and simulations. He switched over to Personal Computers in 1984, and has since developed several software packages including FeeS, Klimax, Iyanga and CivilPay. He is interested in operating environments, user interfaces, objects, CADD and interconnectivity solutions.


Director (Design): Dr. (Mrs.) Bogda Prucnal-Ogunsote started computing with home computers which graphics and sound capabilities she explored. She now uses the Personal Computer for desktop publishing, graphics and CADD. She is interested in multimedia and presentation graphics.



Other categories of staff are:

The Admin Officer: Responsible for student and administrative matters.

The Receptionist: The de facto branch secretary responsible for public relations, student welfare and day to day running of the branch.

Lecturers: Computer professionals directly responsible for student training usually on a part-time basis.