Computer Training Facilities

Our Training Centres are located at Lagos, Kaduna and Zaria. The Zaria centre is located in a quiet and reserved University environment at No. 2, Sokoto Road, opposite Ahmadu Bello University North Gate, Samaru, Zaria. The Kaduna school is located at 52 Constitution Road, Adjacent small Fina White House, Kaduna. The Lagos office is located at 35 Olatilewa Street, Surulere, at the very centre of the Computer District.

Our comfortable classrooms are equipped with modern teaching aids including audiovisuals. Most courses include video sessions. All computer courses have Computer Based Tutors (CBTs).

The instructors hold University degrees in Computer Science, in fact some hold Masters and Doctorate degrees. We possess several computers and all major software packages. We actually guarantee one computer per participant for practice sessions. Participants will also have access to our Library with books and current computer journals. We can organize comfortable accommodation for participants on request.

Course Materials

Specific packages are prepared for each course. The course materials provided may include handouts, detailed course outlines, writing materials, writing pads, office files, diskettes, templates and manuals. Participants also have access to software based training tools and our library with current computer journals and books. Soft Designs is constantly engaged in developing teaching aids and has published computer books including The Easy Way to Personal Computers: The IBM PC Disk Operating System and ABC of Personal Computers.


Each participant is issued with a certificate for each course successfully completed. Diploma students are awarded a Diploma in Data Processing and Computer Programming after satisfying all requirements.

Professional Level Courses

These courses are designed for workers who want to gain additional knowledge and expertise to qualify for a higher position or pay. This category of participants will ultimately be judged by their improved performance on the job.

Courses objectives: To enhance professional expertise of participants through effective use of computers. At the end of all the prescribed courses, participants should not only be capable of working independently on a personal computer, they should also be able to supervise others and manage information flow.

Courses offered: Computer Appreciation, Introduction to MS-DOS, Advanced MS-DOS, Working with Windows, Professional Word-processing (WordPerfect), Professional Spreadsheets (Lotus 1-2-3), Professional Databases (dBASE IV), Desktop Publishing (PageMaker, Ventura Publisher and Corel Draw!), Introduction to AutoCAD, Professional AutoCAD, QBasic Programming, and dBASE Application Programming.

Entry Requirements: This depends on the courses, but generally, a minimum of West African School Certificate or equivalent is required. Typing ability is required for word-processing courses while applicants for advanced courses must demonstrate knowledge of prerequisite basic principles. Soft Designs reserves the right to reject the application of unqualified candidates.

Category of participants: Workers and professionals, preferably sponsored by a Company or Institution. Private applicants will however, be considered.

Executive Level Courses

These courses are tailor made and are usually of three types:

M Professional Level courses tailored to meet to clients requirements either by way of modification of course content, or organized in-house, or at specific periods.

M Courses specially tailored to meet the needs of Managers who will not be working constantly on a computer but must supervise others working on computers. The courses offered are equivalent to introductory professional level courses. These courses can be organized in-house at client specified times.

M Specialized courses for professionals such as Computer Aided Design and Draughting (CADD) using AutoCAD or other specified package, Desktop Publishing using Corel Draw!, Pagemaker or Ventura Publisher; System Maintenance and Optimization as well as Information Retrieval. These and any other required courses are mounted on request only.

Courses Objective: To satisfy the computer training needs of special clients.

Courses offered: All Professional Level Courses and specialized courses as stated above.

Entry Requirements: Management Position with relevant educational background or professional qualification and experience for specialized courses.

Category of participants: Sponsored candidates only.

Diploma level courses

The diploma level courses are made up of:

Theory courses

DP101         Business Communication

DP102         Data Processing I

DP103         Data Processing II

DP104         Accounting Methods

DP105         Quantitative Methods


Practical computer courses

DP201         Computer Appreciation

DP202         Introduction to Wordprocessing (WordPerfect)

DP203         Introduction to Spreadsheets (Lotus 1-2-3)

DP204         Introduction to Databases (dBASE IV)

DP205         Introduction to Desktop Publishing (PageMaker)


Computer programming courses

DP301         Introduction to Computer Programming

DP302         QBasic Programming

DP303         COBOL Programming

DP304         dBASE Application Programming


Research Project

DP401         Research Methods

DP402         Programming Project


These courses are designed to meet the needs of those:

M      Who want to change from their current career to that of a computer specialist.

M      Who want to take up computing as a career but could not secure a place in Nigerian Universities and Polytechnics due to low admission and high competition.

M      Professionals who need general and complete knowledge of computers.

M      Secretaries, graphic artists and other professionals who need the knowledge to enhance their professional output.


Course Objective: To provide high quality training to trainees so as to enable them become computer professionals.

Courses Offered: As stated above.

Entry Requirements: The basic entry requirement is the General Certificate of Education. However, those with higher qualifications have an advantage.

Category of Participants: Company sponsored candidates as well as self sponsored candidates.