The Company


Soft Designs is a firm of computer consultants established in 1990 in Zaria. It was established in response to the great demand for professional advice and assistance in the effective use of computers by the enthusiastic University community. It also served as a platform on which some significant software then being developed could be enhanced and promoted. Drawing the cream of its management and consultants from the best brains in computing the academic community could offer, it vigorously pursued the establishment of the Personal Computer as a better alternative to the mainframe and mini computers. Soft Designs considers freedom in computing as a fundamental right and not a privilege. Most of its earlier projects were therefore public enlightenment campaigns. These crusades demonstrated by example how the Personal Computer could be used to work better, faster and more productively in an exciting environment and at lower cost.


With the establishment of the Kaduna office at Constitution Road, the very heart of the printing industry, the demands for provision of complete printing packages increased tremendously. Clients were asking not only for professional typesetting and camera ready layouts, they also wanted the company to print, bind and deliver. This resulted in the creation of the Printing Section. The section has developed rapidly and now handles the design and printing of invitation cards, calendars, magazines, journals, books, pamphlets, etc mostly for corporate clients. The section also handles advertising and general printing consultancy.


The demand for expert advice and support from Soft Designs increased rapidly and the company resources became devoted more and more to developing the capacity to meet the ever increasing demands. Soft Designs has now been strategically restructured with clearly defined goals and objectives.


Company objective


The objective of Soft Designs is to provide true computing power to clients in the most reliable, effective, stable and economic manner and in the most pleasant and productive computing environment.


Company Motto


The company motto We make beautiful dreams come true is a reflection of the company's commitment to finding the most satisfying solutions to computing problems. We consider excitement a necessary ingredient when tackling complex and critical computing problems.


The business of the Company


Soft Designs is involved in eight major businesses

          M      Computer consultancy services

          M      Computer training courses

          M      Sales

          M      Maintenance

          M      Bureau services

          M      Commercial software packages

          M      Industrial and graphic designs

          M      Print production

          M      Printing consultancy



Soft Designs currently maintains three offices.


M      Computer Training and Business Centre

          No 2 Sokoto Road

          Opposite ABU North Gate, Samaru

          P.O. Box 142, Zaria

          Tel: 069-50312


M      Computer Centre

          52 Constitution Road

          Adjacent Small Fina White House

          Opposite KLG Primary School

          P.O. Box 2765, Kaduna

          Tel. 062-233415


M      Lagos Office

          35 Olatilewa Street

          Lawanson, Surulere


          Tel. 01-840073






United Bank for Africa PLC, Samaru, Zaria

Union Bank of Nigeria PLC, Samaru, Zaria

Habib Bank Nigeria PLC, Kaduna

United Bank for Africa PLC, Lagos



Experience and References




1.1    List of Selected Corporate Clients


The following is a list of some of the most important clients of Soft Designs.


1.       Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

2.       Nigerian Television Authority Headquarters, Lagos.

3.       National Research Institute for Chemical Technology, Zaria.

4.       Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, Zaria.

5.       National Primary Education Commission, Kaduna

6.       Pyramids Consultants, Lagos.

7.       Shell Petroleum Development Corporation, Warri.

8.       Centre for Automotive Design and Development, Zaria

9.       Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Kaduna.

10.     National Broadcasting Commission, Lagos.

11.     Multisystem Consultants, Kano.

12.     Environmental Development Consultants, Kano



1.2    Selected Feasibility Studies and Reports


Feasibility studies and reports prepared by Soft Designs include the following:


1.       Report on Computerization of Kashim Ibrahim Library, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

2.       Report on Computerization of Environmental Development Consultants, Kano.

3.       Computer Training Requirements of the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, Zaria.

4.       Computerization of National Personnel Records, Inventory and Pensions Schedule for Nigerian Television Authority, Victoria Island, Lagos.

5.       Computerization of the National Research Institute for Chemical Technology, Basawa, Zaria.

6.       Training Proposal for the National Leather Research Institute, Samaru, Zaria.

7.       Training Proposal for the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Kaduna.



1.3    Related Projects completed by Soft Designs


Soft Designs has successfully completed the following related projects:


1.       Installation of complete Desktop Publishing System for Nigerian College of Aviation Technology. Includes staff training.

2.       Supply, installation, and maintenance of complete Desktop Publishing System for Nigerian Television Authority Headquarters, Lagos. Includes staff training.

3.       Supply, installation and maintenance of complete Computer Aided Design and Draughting system for Multisystem Consultants, Kano. Includes staff training.



1.4    Copyrighted Commercial Software

The following software were developed by Soft Designs for commercial off-the-shelf distribution.

1.       FeeS

Calculates consultancy fees payable to consultants in the construction industry in Nigeria. Produces reports formatted for immediate insertion in proposals and reports. Contains comprehensive help and full text of all relevant decrees and documents.

2.       Klimax

Performs climatic site analysis for all State capitals and major towns in Nigeria. Contains long term averages of climatic data for all State capitals. Fully expandable database and formatted reports.

3.       Iyanga

Fully scalable Postscript Type I and Truetype soft fonts containing hundreds of typefaces in several weights and variations.

4.       CivilPay

Spreadsheet based fully integrated payroll program designed for Civil Servants (Government establishments). Totally automated with data entry modules, data validation modules, comprehensive reports and autoformat features. Fully customisable.