Bureau Services

The bureau services offered include the following:

M      Data processing

M      Payroll services

M      Word-processing

M      Desktop publishing

M      Reinking of computer printer ribbons.

M      Refilling of Laser printer toner cartridges.


Data Processing

Soft Designs undertakes data entry, verification and validation, data conversion between various formats and media, data analysis, and supervision of computer runs. We also make computer time available to those clients who prefer to work directly on the project.

Payroll Services

Our payroll services are of two types: on-site and off-site. In case of on-site payroll services, we install a payroll system for the client and train personnel to run the system. We run the system for a few months before final handing over. After this we visit the client during the payroll period and provide all necessary support including maintenance programming. The off-site payroll service normally involves running the payroll on Soft Designs premises. The client supplies all necessary data and we produce all reports. A close link is maintained with the client's payroll section through a designated Payroll Staff who represents the client and is present at Soft Designs during payroll preparations.

Word Processing

This is probably the least sophisticated service offered by Soft Designs. We process reports, letters, theses and other documents. We are known for our ability to handle complex tables and forms, professional formatting of documents, high quality printing and prompt delivery.

Desktop Publishing

The desktop publishing service offered by Soft Designs is highly patronized because of the large number of fonts offered, the highly professional formatting and layouts and high quality printing. We also scan and edit pictures and illustrations for direct insertion in documents. We typeset magazines, journals, books, reports and other documents.

Reinking of Computer Printer Ribbons

We reink all types of printer ribbons using professional kits and original printer ribbon ink. Apart from paying only a fraction of the cost of a new ribbon, our reinked ribbons are guaranteed to print better than a brand new original ribbon, and they last longer too. Clients can therefore recycle their used ribbons and make substantial savings instead of throwing the non-biodegradable ribbons away.

Refilling of Laser printer toner cartridges

We refill toner cartridges for all Laserjet printers including all models of Hewlett Packard LaserJet printers and Canon LaserJet printers. We guarantee all refilled toner cartridges. We recondition overused cartridges and also buy and sell used cartridges in good condition.

Industrial and Graphic Designs

The extensive desktop publishing services offered by Soft Designs were not always comprehensive enough to satisfy customer demand for camera ready art work. The Industrial and Graphics Section is responsible for the production of high quality company logos, specialized forms, folded designs, etc. The section also designs specialized furniture, equipment and gadgets (especially for computer use). Models are produced.

Print Production

The printing section is responsible for the actual printing and binding of printing jobs. Camera ready art work is passed to the section which then handles the production of negatives and plates, printing and binding. Common printing jobs include calendars, books, invitation cards, posters, pamphlets, forms and magazines. Our clients are mostly corporate bodies, but we also accept orders from individuals, especially if the volume is high. Samples of jobs handled by us from typesetting to printing are available for inspection at our office in Kaduna. We can also deliver these samples to clients on request.

Printing Consultancy

Soft Designs also offers specialized printing consultancy services, especially in the area of selection, acquisition and installation of desktop publishing systems, printing press layout design, as well as selection, acquisition and installation of printing equipment.


We offer maintenance services to corporate clients on annual basis. Our policy is to replace any effective computer or printer with an equivalent one if repairs cannot be carried out immediately. Equipment maintenance may be either full or partial.

Full Maintenance

Full maintenance shall cover all costs associated with the repairs of faulty equipment. This shall include transportation of faulty equipment to the workshop, labour costs, cost of spare parts, transportation of repaired equipment back to the Employer, installation and testing of the repaired equipment. However, full maintenance shall not cover consumables such as ribbons and print heads for printers, batteries for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units, and CMOS batteries for Personal Computers. We may request the Employer to install stabilizers and surge suppressors in areas with irregular or poor power supply.

 Partial Maintenance

Partial maintenance shall cover all costs associated with the repairs of faulty equipment, but with the exception of cost of spare parts. Partial maintenance shall therefore cover transportation of faulty equipment to the workshop, labour costs, transportation of repaired equipment back to the Employer, installation and testing of the repaired equipment. The Employer shall pay for spare parts used in repairs as necessary.